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Services for - Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Wordpress, group, pages, paper.li, Evernote

Gmail - Blogger, YouTube, Picasa, doc collaboration, group, pages, google+, keep

Live - documents, integrated social media archives, blog content archives, contact archives, group, pages, Skype, LinkedIn, OneNote

Wordpress (use yahoo email)
Blogger (gmail)
Archive (live using word)

Domain (URL) - your sites name
Sub- domains
Registrant provider
Host provider
Database provider
Domain site programmer
-FTP files (database)
Domain site designer
Domain site administrator

- above host and provider
Domain site billing
- works with administrator
Domain site moderator
- actually works online
Domain site assistant
- SEO, copywriter, videotogropher, etc usually part of gathering content  (adds to database in content only).